Our mission is simple, to push forward the technology and innovation in field hockey equipment.

We were tired of the same factories in Asia producing 90% of the world’s hockey sticks, who are continually pushed down on price, with no room for innovation, using the same manufacturing technique developed over 20 years ago.

We were tired of brands competing to create the best graphics and marketing jargon rather than the possible best hockey sticks. At Crown we are implementing radical change.



For the past two years we have undergone a hugely ambitious research and development project, beginning by disregarding the traditional manufacturing techniques and asking ourselves the question; how do we produce the best hockey stick ever?

Every single step of our manufacturing process is modernised and unique to us, resulting in favourable handling and feel exclusive to Crown sticks. Check out our technology page and our YouTube manufacturing videos to find out more. Watch the great feedback the Crown sticks are receiving from real players by clicking the reviews tab on the navigation bar above.

After our big reveal at the 2014 World Cup, we are proud to say that we have influenced others, brands are slowly realising the need for innovation and have begun to implement subtle changes in their manufacturing processes; but much more work is needed! We will continue to lead innovation with our UK based manufacturing facility, so that we can all enjoy a higher standard of equipment.



You have joined the team at an exciting time, we want to change everything. As well as introducing technological advancement, we are committed to you in providing the best customer service possible. We want to know exactly what you think about our products so that we can make them even better for you! And we pledge to actually listen! Keep up to date with the day to day happening in the company on our blog and through all of our social media pages, don’t be afraid to drop a comment, make a suggestion or post your own photos to us of your hockey issues or enjoying our products, we’d love to hear from you!

If you are passionate about hockey, sport, design and engineering please get involved, drop us a line at hello@crownhockey.com