Do you offer sponsorships?

We do yes, however we are extremely selective over who we sponsor. Please take a look at our sponsorship page for more details.
At Crown we are interested in sponsoring unique and exceptional players. Due to the quality of sponsorship applications that we receive we shall only be considering International senior or U21 players for full sponsorship. If you currently represent your country please email: and please explain as much as you can about yourself, as we do regularly decline international athletes.
If you do not play for your country but feel that you have something exceptional and unique to offer please submit a video and complete the form here

Where do you make the sticks?

We manufacture our hockey sticks near Reading in the South of England, although we do receive help from a company that manufactures small aircraft components and another that manufactures composite components for formula 1 racing cars, these two companies are also based in England just a short drive from Crown HQ.
We wanted to radically improve the way hockey sticks were manufactured, so we have created custom tools that we use ourselves. We are the only big brand that manufacture our own sticks.

What is the difference between the Crown stick and the Shadow Series?

We currently have 2 out-field stick models: The Crown and The Shadow Series. Although there are small and aesthetic differences between them, the big differences and points to consider are below:
• The Crown stick is made from 3 types of carbon fibre fabric and the Shadow is made from two. With a greater number of fabric types we are able to tailor the performance closer to the perfect stick model.
• The Crown stick is the best performance wise and for control.
• The Shadow series stick is extremely close in terms of performance to the Crown, you would need to play regularly to feel the difference.
• The Crown stick is designed to have a more forgiving first touch.
• Both the Crown and Shadow have an Aerospace foam core and are available in MID and LOW bow options.

Do you manufacture custom bespoke sticks?

Yes, we can customise any stick. We are the only big brand that manufacture are our own sticks, so we can offer far more than has ever been possible in terms of customisation. Please visit our Crown custom page to get inspiration and email us with your own stick ideas.

What customisation options are available?

We can offer far more than has ever been possible in terms of customisation. We can change almost anything apart from adding thickness to parts of the stick that are not the handle and adding extra length to sticks that are beyond 40inches long, otherwise anything is possible. We shall charge accordingly for any completely bespoke customisation options.

What is the carbon percentage of your sticks?

All Crown sticks are made entirely from different types of carbon fibre material, resins and Aerospace foam. Please watch this video for more information.

Do all sticks come with a Crown touchPad and grip?

All sticks come with a touchPad and grip on ready to play with. If you would like to not have either the touchPad or grip on your stick send us an email when you make your order and we will instead send them unattached.

What is the difference between the Low bow and Mid bow shapes?

The general diffence between mid and low bow shapes is at what point the stick is most bowed, for a low bow this is nearer the head and for a mid bow this is nearer the handle, our low bow also features a slight groove to aid with drag flicks. To see our exact shape click here

Mid bow or low bow? Which is the best for me?

Here is a video where we briefly go over a few points to think about, and questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that you are well equipped to answer this common bow shape conundrum. To summarise the main points of the video:
Do you drag-flick, try 3D skills or perform aerial passes often? If so a low bow will make these skills easier, if not then maybe you could benefit from the characteristics of a mid bow.

What length of stick should I buy?

If you still aren't sure at Crown we believe that selecting the best stick size for you first means answering the three questions below:

When asking for stick length advice, most players begin by stating how tall they are, which is a very useful piece of information. But answering this question should really just be used to narrow your size range down. There are further questions to ask, and there are exceptions to the 'the taller you are the longer your stick should be' rule, as smaller players may wish go for a longer stick to gain some extra reach. Although if you were to push us for some general height to stick size guidelines we would give the following response/brackets:
Below 5.3' = less than 36.5
5.3 - 5.7 = 36.5 - 37
5.8 - 6.3 = 37 - 38
6.4 plus = 38 - 40
(This information is what we have noticed from player’s feedback and sales, it should just be used as a general guideline and not as a definitive rule)

Why we feel that this question is appropriate is because some skills within the game of hockey are easier with and longer stick and some skills are easier with a shorter stick. For example; longer sticks often mean more powerful hits, shorter sticks often results in improved control and dribbling skills, longer sticks mean that you have more reach, shorter sticks are lighter and player are more agile and so on. So a further question could be; because of my play style "would I benefit from a longer/shorter stick?"

This is one for the physios and chiropractors, but ultimately this is probably the most important of the three questions. If you are not comfortable playing hockey then your performance will suffer, so overall it is best to pick within a size range that is comfortable to you, hockey is a tough game on the back, the shoulders, the neck the arms, the quads, everywhere! Comfort should be a high priority for all players.

At Crown we offer a huge of variety of lengths, as standard, we offer inch and half inch sizes, but if you have a very specific requirement, even to the millimetre then we can easily accommodate for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we deliver worldwide! Check out the following video for more information regarding deliveries.

Do you offer work experience?

We are always happy to have passionate individuals who want to learn more about how we work and create opportunities for themselves in the future, if you are interested in work experience send an email to with the subject title 'Work Experience'
Make sure to tell us about yourself and specify the dates that you are interested in working.

Got a question we haven't answered? Send an email to